The Russian national team in a stubborn struggle lost to Germany

At the international tournament SuperCup, which was launched in Hamburg, the men’s national team of Russia lost to the hosts in the first match – 76:79.

This meeting was markedly different from the one that was held in Kazan at the end of last week and ended with a confident victory of the Russians. As part of the German national team appeared point guard Dennis Schroeder, who played in the NBA 4 seasonы for Atlanta and is now one of the leaders of the club.

Timofey Mozgov opened the score, but within a minute the Germans came forward – 2:5. Before the big break, the Russians in general brilliantly attacked from behind the arc, realizing 9 three-pointers out of 16. Towards the end of the quarter the hosts came forward (16:17), but it ended in favor of the Russians – thanks to the shot of Semen Antonov (21:19). At the break the team went with a two-point advantage of the Russians – 41:39.

In the third period, the Russian team began to slowly withdraw to the lead. True, the rest of the quarter the Russians did not have the best way, missing 6 unanswered points.

And then Schroeder exploded. In the first 4 minutes of the last period the German team scored 17 points and 14 of them were scored by Schroeder – 69:73. And although after his solo Schroeder went to the bench, the Russian team failed to catch up with the opponent.

In the final five-minute event, when the performance fell sharply, the team of Sergei Bazarevich reduced the gap three times to one point, but could not come forward. There was no more opportunity to recoup from the Russian team.



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