Russia will fight for bronze

The Serbian team defeated the Russian team, becoming the second finalist of the Eurobasket.

Already in the first quarter, the Balkan team marked the advantage on the court, beating the opponent with a score of 25:20. In the second quarter the Serbs increased the advantage, bringing it to double digits. The score was 48:34 before the big break.

In the third quater the Russians were close to leveling the game. Three-points shot of Vorontsevich reduced the backlog of the team of Bazarevich to 5 points, but the return mini-break of the Serbs again allowed them to break away more than 10 points.

Nevertheless, the ending of the quarter remained for the Russian national team, and the score was 66:57 in favor of Serbia before the last break.

In the final quarter the Russian team was close to make comeback, reducing the gap to 2 points, but still the opponents managed to keep the advantage. The victory of the national team of Serbia – 87:79.

11 points and 9 rebounds were made by Timofey Mozgov.

Thus, in the match for the third place the team of Spain will meet with the Russian national team, and the Serbs in the final fight will play with the Slovenes.



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