“+30” in the second half with Germany

In the second round of the international tournament in Kazan, Russian national team in all aspects defeated the team of Germany – 89:60.

By the middle of the quarter on the scoreboard burned sad 5:2, and the German team scored their first points from the game only in the 6th minute. Norm on points of the first period of the team was performed less than three and a half minutes – 22:20 after the shoot from above made by Mozgov. And then the center gave a brilliant segment in the middle of the period, gaining 6 points per minute: he scored a heavy middle shoot at the end of time of possession of the ball, then got out from under the ring and finally realized a couple of free throws – 31:26 for 4.00 before the big break.

In the third quarter the Russians began to make a gap. 53:45. 12-point distance between the teams was to the last break – 69:57.
But in the last quarter the Russian team arranged an uniform defeat to a disillusioned Germans. The German team did not gain points 6 minutes 9 seconds from the beginning of the period and never once scored from the game.

As a result, Russians won the final 10-minute with a crushing score – 20:3. And the second half – with a score of 49:19. Toward the end of the meeting, the Kazan fans cheered Vladislav Trushkin, who moved to UNICS. The debutant of the Russian national team, who played the third game for it, issued an enchanting piece. After spending less than 5 minutes on the court, he managed to score 8 points (and, incidentally, make 5 rebounds): first, outwitting the opponent, easily scored from under the shield, and then sent to the goal a couple of three-point shots.

15 points in the match were scored by Timothy Mozgov.



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