Pavel Googe hold one more seminar in Ekaterinburg

In Ekaterinburg, in DUSCH 3, Pavel Googe organized the second 3-days seminar for basketball coaches from Sverdlovsk region — Ekaterinburg, Pervouralsk, Polevsky, Novouralsk and Nizhniy Tagil. Based on key moments of festival program, the themes of the festival were extended with new issues of new team players preparation.

During the summer period many coaches are working in summer camps, that is why there were a few attendants, about 2 dozens of specialists, — remarked Pavel Edmundovich — Nevertheless in September organizers are going to gather the participants from all over the Uralskiy region.

This time application from coaches contains requests on making stress on preparation of individual and team defense. During the course we transferred the emphasis on attack: pass to attack, players actions on a weak side, the first line… The coaches were also acquainted with the methods of teaching with the team the zone pressing 2-2-1 over 3/4 of the game zone…

One main moment — from one side — all that gave the tutor was interesting and useful. From the other side — time limits and the level of execution by the athletes were not allowed to go through all the program with satisfactory dynamics. More important to show the technique and methods of the teaching process. For example, what methods, emphasis use the coaches of the high leveled teams for the preparation of the team under the time pressure. It is useful to show how step by step, from the simple to the complex teach the teams.

The seminar would be more efficient if organize the performance of 3 specialists at least: on physics preparation, individual technical players development and preparation on team management. Six hours course is better to split in 3 block, each of 3 hours. Each of the block should held the one particular specialist. But it is the matter of future…

The seminar is 100% success. Satisfactory references, applauses, thanks, photos… Moreover, after the completion of the day program, informal discussions continue: answers to the definite questions with analysis of definite play and training situations. Such seminars are planned for coaches in order to share their knowledges, techniques. It allows the tutors of the sport schools to prepare the players at the higher level, get more satisfaction from their job and feel that they, children coaches are the part of one basketball family in our country.

It is very pleasant that in some regions directors of sport schools and managers of regional basketball federations understand the importance of such meetings for the professional development in players preparation. This is the opportunity for regular meetings.



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  1. Это прекрасно что проводятся хоть какие-то семинары. А в других российских городах (например в Самаре) Павел не планирует семинары?

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