Anna Sidorova is the silver medalist of the World Curling Championships

At the World Curling Championships the Russian women’s team won silver medals for the first time in history. The team of Anna Sidorova played in the final match with the Canadians – the most titled team on the planet (they now have 16 wins and 33 medals at world championships).
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the Russian women’s team won bronze medals.

Well-known Russian coach Olga Andrianova commented on the performance of the Russian women’s team at the World championships in an interview to TASS:

“This silver medal for the Russian team should be assessed no lower than gold. Firstly, this is the first silver medal in the history of our team at the World Championships. Secondly, the girls gained stability – they have already been bronze medalists three times, and now they have won silver.

The Canadian team was very well prepared for the tournament, they made two small mistakes that could be used, but our athletes failed. In turn, our team made two mistakes, which the rivals took advantage of.

I am sure that Russians will fight for victory at the Olympics and, maybe, even win. As far as I know, there will still be an internal selection for the Games in Russia, but I am against this selection, it is not needed. Sidorova’s team proved that it is the strongest.”



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