“Khimki” defeated “Zalgiris” thanks to Mickey’s 20 points

The Moscow region “Khimki” beat “Zalgiris” in the home match of the Euroleague regular season. The home team from the first quarter outlined the claim to victory, having already led to the first break by a score of two points. However, the second quarter was left for the guests, and the teams went for a long break with a score of 37:36 in favor of “Zalgiris”.

The third quarter was left for the guests, who managed to increase the gap to nine points, and, it seemed, “Khimki” would not be able to recoup, but they managed to hold a shock fourth quarter, in which they not only won back, but came forward. The final game segment ended with a score of 27:8.

The most productive player of the match was Jordan Mickey, who stopped a step from the double-double – 20 points and 9 rebounds. Malcolm Thomas scored 16 points, Tony Crocker – 14.



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