“Open Camp of the Russian basketball federation”

13 players were called to the “Outdoor Camp of the Russiqn bqsketball federation”, which this year will not only look at the candidates for the men’s national team, as it was a year ago, but also prepare for the BRICS Sports Games, which starts in Guangzhou on June 17.

Among them are the guards Denis Zakharov (Lokomotiv-Kuban, Krasnodar), Vladimir Pichkurov (Enisei, Krasnoyarsk), the forward Vladislav Trushkin (Enisei), the center Anton Pushkov (Zenit). And also: the guards Maxim Kolyushkin (Avtodor, Saratov), Vladislav Staratelev (BC Ryazan, Ryazan), Ivan Ukhov (Parma, Perm Territory), the forwards Vladimir Ivlev, Denis Levshin (both Lokomotiv-Kuban) , Anton Astapkovic (Avtodor), Evgeny Valiev (Zenit, St. Petersburg), the centers center Yegor Gontarev (BC Ryazan, Ryazan), Alan Makiyev (Avtodor).

Over the week, players will work under the guidance of the coaches Boris Sokolovsky (senior), Alexei Lobanov and Vladimir Chernikov (physical coach). Perhaps the head coach of the Russian team Sergey Bazarevich will participate in the camp.



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