Near the end of the regular championships

Kazan UNICS at home defeated St. Petersburg “Zenit” in the match of the regular season of the VTB United League. Kazan lost in the first quarter with a difference of “-5”, but won three subsequent quaters and celebrated a legitimate victory. The final score of the game is 99:82. This victory allowed Kazan to lead the standings of the regular season.

In “Zenit” Sergey Karasev scored 19 points and made 5 rebounds. Evgeniy Valiev scored 11 points. In UNICS Jamar Smith scored 14 points and Vladislav Trushkin – 10 points.

“Lokomotiv-Kuban” at home defeated “Khimki”. The Krasnodar team confidently won the first three quarters, leading to the final game segment leading in the account with an advantage of 29 points. In the final quarter, “Khimki” managed to win 22 points, but the advantage of “Lokomotiv-Kuban” was too big. The final score of the game is 90:83.

Double-double was made by Frank Elegar, gaining 11 points and making 11 rebounds. Joe Ragland scored 18 points.

CSKA on the road defeated “Parma”. Team of Itudis captured the advantage from the first minutes of the match and confidently controlled it until the final siren.

In the end, the “army team” managed to defeat the Permians – 111:76. The most effective in the team of the winners was Semen Antonov, who scored 18 points.

“Zenith” made a home victory over “Tsmoki-Minsk” in the match of the regular season of the VTB United League.

The first half of the meeting was dictated by the players of Vasily Karasev. The team from St. Petersburg won it with a difference of 15 points – 53:38. In the second half, “Tsmoki-Minsk” added forces and managed to return to the game, less than 30 seconds before the final siren Minsk players yielded with a difference of only three points – 76:79. But the hosts still managed to keep the victory – 83:76.

A double-double from 20 points and 10 rebounds was issued by Kyle Kuric.

Saratov “Avtodor” on the road beat “Astana”. Saratov won three of the four game segments, losing with a difference of “-2” only in the second quarter and won a legitimate victory – 92:75.
In “Astana” Malcolm Grant scored 22 points.

“Khimki” on the road beat “Enisey”. The teams finished the first half of the meeting with equal score, the third game segment remained for the hosts, however in the fourth quarter “Khimki” turned out to be stronger. The final score of the meeting is 89:84 in favor of “Khimki”.

Suleiman Braimoh from “Enisey” scored 16 points and made 9 rebounds.



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