Women’s Premier League

In the Premier League a number of matches of the regular tournament were held.

“Dynamo” (Novosibirsk region) gave way to “Sparta and K” – 68:72. Despite this, we note 13 points of Galina Kiseleva. In the Moscow Region team, 9 points were scored by Daria Kolosovskaya.

“Nadezhda” (Hope) has not left in the course of the match the slightest hope for a favorable outcome for its rivals – basketball players of “Inventa”, beating them with a score of 93:59. 13 points in the final statistics of the winning team were brought by Ksenia Tikhonenko.

“Kazanochka” beat MBA – 70:64. 10 points and 8 rebounds in the Kazan team were made by Victoria Solovieva.



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