Denis Zakharov is a player of Zenit

Zenit has signed a 2-year contract with a Russian guard.

In the past Zakharov played for Sparta and Ko, Nizhny Novgorod, Dinamo, Enisey and Lokomotiv Kuban.

General manager of Zenit Alexandr Tserkovny:

– Denis made a big progress in the last season, including games against Zenit, too. So, our coaching staff got interested in him. I hope he’ll keep going this way and add some energy and balance to our back court.

Head coach of Zenit Xavi Pascual:

– Today we are very happy for the incorporation of Denis Zakharov in our team. We believe that it is a good step in his career and that at 27 he can further evolve his game, so we think we are incorporating a player from the present but also from the future. It will cover two positions, both 1 and 2 and can give us creation speed and points as well as defensive aggressiveness in some aspects.

Zenit guard Denis Zakharov:

– Moving to Zenit is a big step forward in my career. It’s a big level of competition both in VTB League and in Euroleague, and the club has big goals in both of them, so it’s good for me. I made the right choice because it’s flattering to every player to know that a Euroleague club wants to have him. I was amazed by Zenit fans when I saw them at the games, I suppose they root even louder during Euroleague games. I hope we’ll see his level of support throughout the whole season no matter what the result is, and I’ll try to do my best on the court.

Photo: BC Zenit



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