Belyakova completed her career in the Russian team

The many-year-old captain of the Russian women’s national basketball team, one of the most titled basketball players in the country, Evgenia Belyakova, decided to end her career in the national team after Eurobasket 2019.

“This was my last game with the Russian team. We are growing up a very talented generation, so I hope that ahead of our team should be only success. As for the defeat from Sweden, it was the case, we did not play our basketball at all, a lot of which did not work out. Now only disappointment is in my heart. Of course, we wanted and could achieve much more. We will learn from our mistakes, ”said Evgenia.

As part of the Russian national team, Evgenia Belyakova became the European champion among juniors (2004), the winner of the youth Eurobasket 2006, twice the silver medalist of the Universiade (2007, 2009). As part of the national team, the forward became the champion of Europe – 2011, and also took part in the 2012 Olympics.



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