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Hodge was selected to the month team of VTB United league
Voting for the February MVP is live on VTB-League.com. Zenit guard Walter Hodge became one of 10 applicants for the most valuable player of month. He helped St. Petersburg team to achieve 3 victories in 3 games in February. Hodge average stats in this matches: 25.3 points, 1 rebound, 6...
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Hodge was nominated for VTB United league MVP for december
In official website of VTB United league started a poll “Who is MVP of VTB United league regular season for december?” Zenit guard Walter Hodge became one of applicants of this poll. His team achieved 3 wins and suffered 1 defeat in december. Hodge average statistics: 17 points, 2 rebounds,...
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Hodge is an applicant for a MVP VTB United League for october
Official website of VTB United League started a poll “Who is MVP for october?”. Fans can choose the best player of this month. One of applicants – Zenit guard Walter Hodge. In october St. Petersburg team won two games and lost one. Hodge average values are 18.7 points per game,...
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