22 Smith’s points didn’t help UNICS avoid losing to Brescia in the Eurocup

Kazan’s UNICS lost to Brescia in the first round of the Eurocup group stage. From the first quarter, Kazan couldn’t do anything with their opponents, leaving with a point deficit of -12 for the first break. After the break, Kazan managed to level the game, but at the end of the second ten minutes they also lost – with a difference of two points. By the big break, the scoreboard was 43-29 in favor of Brescia.

In the second half of the game, UNICS managed to perform on an equal footing with Brescia, but it was not enough to eliminate the scoring deficit – Brescia won a confident victory. The final score of the match was 84:75 in favor of the home team.

Jamar Smith scored 22 points in the Kazan team.



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