Antonov, Karasev, Trushkin summoned to the Russian national team

The head coach of the Russian men’s team, Sergei Bazarevich, named a list of candidates for participation in the final games of the World Cup-2019 qualification.

On February 21, the main team of the country will play in Botevgrad with Bulgaria, and on the 24th in Perm will meet with a direct competitor in the fight for a ticket to China – the Finnish national team.

To prepare for these matches, 20 basketball players were called to the Russian team: guards Evgeny Baburin (“Nizhny Novgorod”, Nizhny Novgorod, 31, 189 cm), Dmitry Kulagin (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, Krasnodar, 26 years, 197 cm), Mikhail Kulagin (CSKA, Moscow, 24 years old, 193 cm), Ivan Ukhov (CSKA, 23 years old, 193 cm), Vitaly Fridzon (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 33 years old, 194 cm), Dmitry Khvostov (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 29 years old, 190 cm), Alexey Shved (“Khimki”, Moscow region, 30 years old, 195 cm), forwards Semen Antonov (CSKA, 29 years old, 202 cm), Nikita Balashov (“Nevezis”, Lithuania, 27 years, 207 cm), Evgeny Valiev (“Zenit”, St. Petersburg, 28 years, 205 cm), Andrei Vorontsevich ( CSKA, 31 years old, 207 cm), Petr Gubanov (“Khimki”, 31 years old, 207 cm), Andrei Zubkov (“Khimki”, 27 years old, 205 cm), Stanislav Ilnitsky (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 24 years old, 200 cm), Sergey Karasev (“Zenit”, 25 years old, 201 cm), Nikita Kurbanov (CSKA, 32 years old, 202 cm), Vladislav Trushkin (“Zenit”, 25 years old, 201 cm), centers Joel Bolomboy (CSKA, 24 , 204 cm), Vladimir Ivlev (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 28 years old, 207 cm), Artem Klimenko (UNICS, Kazan, 25 years old, 214 with ).

The reserve list includes four more players. These are three representatives of “Nizhny Novgorod”(guard Ivan Strebkov, forward Anton Astapkovich and center Ilya Popov), as well as center of “Avtodor” Artem Zabelin.

At the base in Novogorsk, the team will meet on February 17. On the 20th, the national team will fly to Sofia, and on the night of February 21-22, right after the match with the Bulgarians, will move to Perm, where they will continue preparing for the game with Finland.



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