Veronika Pavlyuchenko in “Basketball without Borders”

In Belgrade, the four-day NBA Basketball without Borders camp has finished. Russia in Serbia was represented by the forward of the U18 Russian national team and the club “Sparta and K” Veronika Pavlyuchenko.

As a result of the work done, Veronika was chosen by the authoritative mentors in the All Star Team, and also became the winner of the three-point shots competition.

– It was very interesting! I enjoyed each practice. All the information was extremely accessible: even those who had difficulties with English could clearly see and understand each exercise. On the final day, after the All Star Team players were named, we played a match, and I took part in the three-point shots competition. We threw five times from each position, and I never missed. This result was the best. Needless to say, we got equally strong impressions from communicating with our legendary coaches. I think I will remember these days my whole life, – she shared her impressions.



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